Harstena is one of the most popular islands in the Östergötland archipelago. The island is known for its genuine archipelago character and for its hunting for seal back in the day. You will find many things to do on this island.

You can go swimming and fishing and you can visit the little museum showing what archipelago life was in the old times.

Here is also a smokehouse where you can buy smoked fish – just caught round the cape. The island bakery is in the village and offers freshly baked bread rolls and buns throughout the summer. Why not take the the chance and bring a Harstenalimpa home to the mainland!


Häradsskärs Lighthouse

At the extreme edge of the archipelago you will find the island Häradssskär. The island has been a wellknown fishing spot since the beginning of medieval times. The landscape is flat and consists of two rocks united by a foot-bridge. People have lived and worked here for several centuries, always relying on the forces of the weather.


Östgötaleden (NATURE TRAIL)

In Gryt there are many fine areas for wandering. ”Östgötaleden” covers a range from Fyrudden along the waterside all the way to Ekön. This is a distance of a couple of kilometers with many attractive views. Along the path there is an observation tower and a grilling area.



Discover Gryt archipelago.
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Now we drive our classic archipelago vessel ”M/S Ellen af Harstena”, frequenting Gröna linjen (The Green Line) between Fyrudden and Harstena, on fossil free fuel!


Love garden

Welcome to visit Kärlekens Trädgård in Lilla Vik in Gryt. The garden is located by the sea and you can get here both by car and boat.

There are thousands of roses of more than 450 species and hundreds of rhododendrons. You can also enjoy
the scents of a large number of magnolias, perennials and summer flowers.

In the garden there are also life-size sculptures by Karola Messner. The artist also shows oil paintings, drawings and sculptures in wood and bronze. Bring your coffee basket and enjoy art, the wingspan of history and wonderful vegetation.


East Coast Kayaking

Welcome to us on the East Coast kayak and paddle sea kayaks in Sweden’s finest areas in the Gryts and Tjust archipelago, with pristine islands and the outer archipelago around the headland.

We have a kayak center on Ekön’s nature reserve at Kustcamp Ekön. Take the opportunity to paddle from Ekön and have a Pizza or coffee at Fyrudden.