Welcome to our well-filled store where you find freshly baked bread every day.

The store is open all year round.

Our ambition is to be a smaller grocery store with a wide selection/assortment. If you miss something, please tell us and we will try to fix it!

Phone: 0123-401 61

Welcome inside!

Måndag: STÄNGT
Tisdag: 10-17
Onsdag: 10-17
Torsdag: 10-17
Fredag: 10-17
Lördag: 10-13
Söndag : STÄNGT


The latest shop to open on the quayside is a Skeppsfournering where you can also lease a boat and SUP.

”Our aim with Skeppsfourneringen is to give service to you who might want to buy smart, warm clothes for boat life, a life jacket, fittings for both small and big boats – like motor oil and boat batteries”, says Johanna Nockmar Lundström who runs Skeppsfourneringen together with her husband Anton Lundström.

The two of them also own the marina A 100 at Sandvik outside Valdemarsvik. Skeppsfourneringen at Fyrudden replaces the shop at the marina.

Swedish Lighthouse

Furnishing products, clothes and accessory for enjoyers of life at sea. Much of what we offer is our own design and make/production. Our aim is to work creatively with what we love and to offer our customers resonable and qualitative luxury.

Our trade mark/characteristic/idea is to highlight the unique and local with silhouettes in products that engage and create local pride.

Syster Lycklig

For years ”Syster Lycklig” is spreading joy on the quayside at Fyrudden. Her personal and varied shop appeals to all senses.

”We offer wallpaper and interior details for your home – but also exquisite things for you like beautiful clothes, stylistically pure pieces of juwellery and accessory. Let yourself be inspired and find things that suit your unique style!”